Both Online and Offline Businesses benefit from Wemetcard's Online Affiliate Program

Online Businesses and those with only walk-in traffic earn commissions by promoting Debit MasterCardŽ with online membership services.

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October 19, 2013

Businesses can now earn recurring commissions by promoting the Wemetcard Debit MasterCard to their customers. There's NO CREDIT CHECK and approval is AUTOMATIC. When customers sign up online for membership, the referring business is paid a 20% recurring commission that continues in perpetuity.

Customer Benefits
When customers sign up for Wemetcard membership and for the FREE affiliate program, in addition to getting the Wemetcard Affiliate Debit MasterCard, they can also GET PAID a 20% life-time recurring commission by encouraging friends, family members and others to sign up for the benefits of Wemetcard Premium Membership. They also get access to the "Owner Contact Service" which is a free service to all Wemetcard members, for getting back lost cell phones, keys, ipods, ipads, laptops, cameras and other items they own.

Online Businesses
Businesses that are online can earn commissions also by posting graphic banners, text links and the image of the Wemetcard Debit MasterCard on their websites.

Businesses promote the Wemetcard Debit MasterCard!




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